4 Ways Pregnant Women Can Protect Their Dental Health

A pregnancy should be a wonderful time for a woman, full of the promise of the future. But a pregnancy can also be a time with many demands on the woman’s time. One thing that should not be overlooked, for the safety of the mother and the child, is proper dental care.

Happily, most routine treatment is perfectly safe during pregnancy. During the first trimester, however some procedures and medications should be avoided. For proper treatment, be sure your dentist knows you are pregnant.

Ringing In The New Year With Dental Health Resolutions

New Year Dental Health Tips

It’s that time of the year again! We try to sum up last year and make resolutions for the New Year.

Resolutions are an important part of the New Year because they provide us with goals and directions. Resolutions encourage us to surpass our previous achievements and challenge ourselves in new ways.

Why not add some dental health based New Year resolutions into the resolutions you have already made? Healthier teeth can create a brighter smile, better health, and even save you money.

‘Tis the Season to be Healthy_ Dental Tips for Holidays - beenleigh dentist

‘Tis the Season to be Healthy: Dental Tips for Holidays

‘Tis the season for sweets and treats! Unfortunately sweets and treats can come with damage to your dental health. But if you maintain good oral health and habits during the holiday season, you can keep your smile bright and give yourself a precious gift: healthy, attractive teeth!

Holiday parties and events come along with sugary treats and drinks. During the holiday hustle and bustle oral hygiene can be put aside. The holidays, however, are among the most important times to practice good oral hygiene. Alex Bratic Dental Care in Beenleigh wants to help keep your teeth safe from the damage that sugary treats and drinks can cause.


How Eating Disorders Affect Your Oral Health

Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia can be devastating to oral health and dental appearance.

Anorexia causes a person to radically deprive their body of nutrients vital to oral health, resulting in weakened bones and tooth enamel. The immune system is also depressed impeding the patient’s ability to fight off infections.

Bulimia (compulsive overeating and regurgitating) results in rapid damage to teeth and gums as a result of stomach acids passing through the mouth. Deterioration of tooth enamel, chipping, and discolouration quickly cause problems for the patients.

4 Ways To Protect Your Teeth from Juicing Damage

Juicing is known to provide tremendous health benefits and is a very popular way to boost your fruit and vegetable consumption. Because it only involves fresh fruits and vegetables, juicing can help fight inflammation and diseases such as arthritis and cancer.

On the other hand, when it comes to your oral health, juicing has both upsides and downsides. While juicing is generally healthy for your mouth, it has also a direct effect on your dental health, especially on your teeth.

Top 4 Amazing Benefits of Brushing and Flossing | Dentist Beenleigh

Top 4 Amazing Benefits of Brushing and Flossing

Good dental care, which involves brushing and flossing, will help you to achieve healthy, beautiful smile. This routine is an important part of your health program, as it can help prevent the threat of various oral health diseases such as tooth decay and gum diseases.

Aside from home care, getting regular professional clean is an essential part of good dental care. Caring for your mouth reduces your risk for various dental and medical conditions, and provides you with the following benefits:

• Fresher breath
• Whiter teeth and brighter smile
• Prevents gum problems
• Keeps you from expensive dental procedures

Beenleigh Dentist Trivia: 6 Ways Unhealthy Teeth Can Affect Your Health

6 Ways Unhealthy Teeth Can Affect Your Health

Dental pain and bleeding gums are indications of poor oral health and unhealthy mouth. Not taking good care of your teeth will not only cause bad breath, but it can also lead to serious health issues, which affects your skin, heart, lungs and kidneys.

Studies show that people suffering from gum disease are almost twice as likely to develop coronary artery disease compared to those who have healthy gums. Oral bacteria can also affect the memory as some researchers suggest a link between poor dental health and increased risk of dementia. Moreover, poor dental health can also hurt your blood sugar, affects your breathing, and increases the risk of pancreatic cancer and chronic kidney disease.