4 Ways Pregnant Women Can Protect Their Dental Health

A pregnancy should be a wonderful time for a woman, full of the promise of the future. But a pregnancy can also be a time with many demands on the woman’s time. One thing that should not be overlooked, for the safety of the mother and the child, is proper dental care.

Happily, most routine treatment is perfectly safe during pregnancy. During the first trimester, however some procedures and medications should be avoided. For proper treatment, be sure your dentist knows you are pregnant.


10 Amazing Facts About Your Teeth

Nowadays we are surrounded by the noise and intrusion of advertising campaigns wherever we go. It can be difficult to enjoy a few minutes of peace and calm.

Fortunately, the professionals at Alex Bratic Dental Care are here to offer you a small break with this ran collection of dental myths related to teeth. Enjoy!

Some of the myths related to curing a toothache can be quite amusing, if rarely based in reality.